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Scode for Merchants

SCode allows your customers to pay for their online purchases using cash, debit or credit card across a national network of over 6000 physical retail payment outlets.

When customers choose to pay with SCode they will receive a barcoded email or SMS after checkout. They can either print the email or take their mobile phone with the SMS to a selected store to make payment. You will then receive a notification once payment has been made.

Here’s how it works from a customer perspective:

Step 1:

A customer chooses their product and goes to the checkout page where they will be redirected to PayFast. They will enter their email address or cellphone number and then choose the SCode payment option.

Step 2:

They will then be shown a screen that indicates the selected stores where they can go to make payment. The customer will click the ‘I WILL MAKE PAYMENT’ button.

Step 3:

The customer will then receive an email or an SMS on their phone with a code (if they entered their email in step 1 they will receive an email. If they entered their mobile number they will receive an SMS)

They will need to print the email or take their mobile phone with the SMS to their preferred store to make payment.

Email barcode

SMS code

Step 4:

The cashier will scan the barcode or enter the SMS code at the selected store and the customer can make payment with cash, debit or credit card. The customer will receive a receipt and you will receive an auto-confirmation that payment has been made.

How to Activate SCode

To activate SCode on your account simply login to your PayFast dashboard, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab > ‘Payment Methods’. 

Click on the ‘Edit’ button to activate SCode as a payment method.

The min. amount for SCode transactions is R10 and the max. amount is R100 000. You can increase the min. amount and you can decrease the max amount according to your requirements. Then click 'Update.'

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