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How do I enable Split Payments?

To enable Split Payments, action is required by both the primary account and the secondary split account.

The first step is for the primary account holder to enable Split Payments via their dashboard. This is done by doing the following: 

1. In the top menu click Settings -> Integration.

2. Click the ‘Edit’ button next to Split Payments. 

3. Select ‘Enable’ next to Enable Split Payments.

4. Optional: In the Destination Merchant ID Whitelist field enter the PayFast Merchant ID of the secondary split account. To add more than one Merchant ID, separate them with a comma. 

Please note: This field acts as an extra level of security. If the field is left blank then the split can go to anyone. If Merchant IDs are entered into this field, then they will be the only secondary accounts that payments are allowed to be split with. 

5. Click update. Split Payments is now enabled. 

Once Splits Payments is enabled in the dashboard, then the main account holder must give their PayFast Merchant ID and Merchant Key to the secondary split account, ie the platform, for them to activate Split Payments via a custom integration. During this custom integration, a pre-agreed amount (either a fixed amount, a percentage or a combination of both) of funds will be set to instantly split into the secondary account every time a buyer makes a payment on the platform. 

For more information about custom integration, please view the PayFast Developer Documentation

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