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How do I integrate PayFast with

This module was developed by, so please visit their website for integration support. You will need to be registered on PayFast to accept payments and get your merchant ID.

You will also need a Premium account with to be able to use the PayFast integration.

1) When editing a webpage, hover over the ‘Commerce’ dropdown.

2) Then drag and drop ‘PayFast’ to add a ‘Buy Now’ button where you would like to place it.

3) Double-click on the button to edit it. Here you will need to add the Item Name and Amount, as well as your Merchant ID and Merchant Key.

Your button is now ready to be used for a payment.

Please note: This is a live integration and the button cannot be tested with a dummy transaction. The minimum amount allowed for a live transaction is 5.00 ZAR.

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