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How do I integrate PayFast with Shopify?

The PayFast integration steps are as follows:

  1. Log into your Shopify Store.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Under ‘Third-party payment providers’ select ‘PayFast’ and enter your PayFast merchant ID and Key.
  4. To run PayFast in test/sandbox mode, select ‘Use Test Mode’ and click save.
  5. Once you are ready to go live, un-check ‘Use Test Mode’ and click save. Ensure that the merchant ID and key fields are populated correctly after doing so, as they may have been pre-populated with an email address by the browser when un-checking ‘Use Test Mode’.

Note: The base currency of your Shopify store must be ZAR. 

Recurring Billing

To set up subscription products in Shopify, please follow our recurring billing instructions. You will need to ensure that Recurring Billing is enabled on your PayFast account and that your products are either set up with the Variation method or the SKU method. 

Unfortunately, subscription products cannot be tested in sandbox mode, however, by checking out to PayFast, you will be able to see that a recurring product has been created, with the recurring amount showing.

South African VAT Setup

  1. In the admin section of your Shopify store, click on the Settings cog at the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. Once on the settings page, click on Taxes.
  3. On the Taxes page, set up VAT for South Africa so that all 9 provinces are set to be 15%.
  4. Please leave the top part that reads Tax settings unchecked, as in the screenshot to ensure that the amount does not get double charged.

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