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How do I integrate PayFast with BoxBilling?

In order to use PayFast with BoxBilling, you need to install BoxBilling. Contact them if you need help with this. After installation, you will need to upload the PayFast payment module for BoxBilling, which is an extension developed by us.

Installation requirements

  • A working BoxBilling installation
  • PHP Curl extension (ask your host if you are not sure if this is available)

Installation and testing

Download the BoxBilling PayFast files from GitHub, unzip it to your computer and upload the files to the root installation of your BoxBilling installation. 

[root]/ bb-library/Payment/Adapter/
  1. Go to: Configuration -> Payment gateways -> New Payment gateway -> Install PayFast
  2. Click the 'Edit PayFast 'button, complete the configuration accordingly, and set debugging on, enable the payment option and enable the test mode. Select the ZAR currency that you created previously. Now update the PayFast payment option.
  3. You are now ready to complete a test transaction through the sandbox testing environment.
  4. Once you’ve completed a test transaction, go back to the BoxBilling admin area.
  5. Go to: Configuration -> Payment gateways -> Edit PayFast and change the ‘Enable Test Mode’ to off. Click update.
  6. You are now ready to start accepting live transactions through PayFast.
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