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How do I integrate PayFast with MijoShop?

To install the PayFast payment module, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the payment module from GitHub (v2; v3).
  2. Unzip the module to a temporary location on your computer.
  3. Copy the folders in the archive to your base ‘Joomla’ folder.
    • This should NOT overwrite any existing files or folders and merely supplement them with the PayFast files.
    • This is however, dependent on the FTP program you use.
    • If you are concerned about this, rather copy the individual files across as per instructions below.
  4. Log into the Control Panel of your Joomla installation.
  5. Navigate to the Components ? Mijoshop ? Dashboard, then Extensions ? Payments
  6. Scroll down to the payment method and click the ‘Install’ button to install the module.
  7. The PayFast options will then be shown, select the payment status for ‘completed’, ‘failed’ and ‘pending’ payments, select the sandbox mode, enable the payment module and click ‘Save’.
  8. The module is now ready to be tested with the PayFast Sandbox. To test with the sandbox, use the following login credentials when redirected to the PayFast site:
    • Username:
    • Password: clientpass

Copying  the individual files across

If you are concerned that copying the entire folder from the downloaded module may overwrite files in your installation, rather copy the files from the extracted module individually into your installation.

Be sure to copy the files from the downloaded module to their corresponding locations within your installation:

The list of files needed in your online installation are as follows:


Testing that it is working correctly

If you followed the installation instructions above, the module is in 'test' mode and you can test it by purchasing from your site as a buyer normally would. You will be redirected to PayFast for payment and can log in with the user account detailed above and make payment using the balance in their wallet.

You will not be able to directly 'test' a credit card or Instant EFT payment in the sandbox, but you don’t really need to. The inputs to and outputs from PayFast are exactly the same, no matter which payment method is used, so using the wallet of the test user will give you exactly the same results as if you had used another payment method.

Going live

In order to make the module “LIVE”, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Control Panel section of your Joomla system.
  2. Navigate to the Components ? Mijoshop ? Dashboard, and then Extensions ? Payments page.
  3. Under, click the 'Edit' link.
  4. In the PayFast Settings block, use the following settings: 
    • Set Sandbox Mode = “No”
    • Merchant ID = Integration Page>
    • Merchant Key = Integration Page>
  5. Click 'Save'.

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