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How do I integrate PayFast with VirtueMart?

In order to use PayFast with VirtueMart, you will need to install the PayFast payment module for VirtueMart which is provided by PayFast.

Installation requirements

  • A working Joomla 3.4.* and VirtueMart 3.3.* installation
  • PHP cURL extension
    • Ask your host if you are not sure if this is available.

Installation and testing 

VirtueMart 3.3*
  1. Download the payment module from our site.
  2. Go to Joomla’s Extension manager.
  3. Select the PayFast zip file ( and install it.
  4. Still in the Extension Manager of Joomla, click 'Manage'.
  5. Search for the PayFast module and activate it
  6. Using the main menu, navigate to Components > VirtueMart.
  7. Using the VirtueMart menu, navigate to Shop > Payment Methods.
  8. Click ‘new’ and enter PayFast for payment name, publish, and choose VM Payment – PayFast for the payment method, then click 'Save'.
  9. Review the settings on the 'Configuration' tab of the PayFast plugin (Note: to test in sandbox do not set a passphrase).
  10. Click 'Save'.
  11. The module is now ready to be tested with the PayFast Sandbox, if the 'sandbox' is to be used, make sure setting is set to 'Yes'.
  12. To use the module in live mode, enter your PayFast Merchant ID and Key, and, if necessary, passphrase. Change sandbox to 'No' and click 'Save'.

If you are using a previous version of VirtueMart, please visit GitHub for instructions.

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