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How do I set up recurring billing on OpenCart?

To set up recurring billing, follow the instructions below:

  1. The instructions for integration must be completed first, before setting up recurring billing.
  2. Log in to your PayFast account and navigate to Settings >Integration.
  3. Click ‘Enable’ or ‘Edit’ next to Recurring Billing and enable subscriptions. (Once setup, subscriptions will be found under Transactions > Subscriptions on your PayFast account). You will be required to add a passphrase if you have not already done so.
  4. On OpenCart, ensure that you paste an exact copy of the passphrase in your configuration page.
  5. For a recurring billing product, the initial payment amount will be that of the product price (set up under Catalog > Products) and shipping, the recurring amount will be the price set under ‘Recurring Profile’.
  6. It is NOT possible to use the recurring trial period with OpenCart and PayFast for recurring products.
  7. OpenCart uses slightly different language to PayFast when it comes to recurring, due to this ‘Cycle’ in Recurring Profile MUST be set to 1. Duration is the number of payments (what PayFast refers to as cycles).
  8. It is only possible to use the ‘Month’ and ‘Year’ frequency with PayFast and Opencart.
  9. In order to cancel a subscription, you can log into your PayFast account and cancel the subscription.
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