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On Zen Cart, how do I modify the “look” of the PayFast option on the Payment Information page?

On the Payment Information page (step 2 of the checkout process), the PayFast option is depicted by a small PayFast logo.

To modify the look of the option, follow these instructions:

  • Open the following file in your installation:/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/payfast.php
    • To add text after the logo, modify theMODULE_PAYMENT_PAYFAST_ACCEPTANCE_MARK_TEXT define.
    • To change the option entirely, modify theMODULE_PAYMENT_PAYFAST_TEXT_CATALOG_LOGO define.
  • Save the file

NB If you upgrade to a new version of the PayFast module at a later stage, your changes will be overridden. So remember to save your changes before doing so.

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