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Why has PayFast discontinued support for “manual” Instant EFT and cash deposits?

Due to the ever evolving payments landscape, we've made the decision to discontinue the "manual" version of Instant EFT, where buyers load an EFT via their internet banking portal, outside of the PayFast payment process, and cash deposits. This is due to a combination of less than ideal user experience (and resultant issues for both merchants and buyers) and lack of scalability of the solutions due to various factors.

We discontinued support for “manual” Instant EFT payments from Standard Bank on 18 May 2020. Support for “manual” Instant EFT payments from all other banks, as well as cash deposits, was discontinued on 30 June 2020. 

PayFast merchants can still get paid using the convenient automated Instant EFT payment option, which has been the default solution on our payment engine since we launched it in 2017. Our automated Instant EFT gives customers the option of creating a payment automatically on our system using one of the 8 currently supported banks. It’s our fastest growing payment method because it’s easy to use and facilitates quick payments. You can find out more about Instant EFT here.  

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