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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Getting Started Questions

    1. Documents to verify a business physical address
    2. Verify a Business Account
    3. How do I verify my account?
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  2. Account Management Questions

    1. How do I refund a payment?
    2. Why are transaction fees not refunded?
    3. Why is my refund reflecting as a pending debit?
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  3. Linking to PayFast Questions

    1. How do I integrate PayFast with WHMCS?
    2. Why is the redirect to PayFast not working from my mobile application?
    3. Am I able to use HTML buttons in my mobile application?
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  4. Recurring Billing Questions

    1. How do I enable subscription payments with Shopify?
    2. What happens when I receive the error “Subscriber Out of Funds”?
    3. Where can I view my token for testing a subscription in the sandbox?
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  5. Payment Management Questions

    1. Where do I find my proof of payment?
    2. Can I make payment with Capitec?
    3. Why has PayFast discontinued support for “manual” Instant EFT and cash deposits?
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  6. Security and Trust Questions

    1. What is 3D Secure (Visa Secure / MasterCard SecureCode)?
    2. Does PayFast use 3D Secure (Visa Secure / MasterCard Securecode)?
    3. How do I register for 3D Secure?
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  7. General Questions

    1. How do I get my plugin listed on the PayFast shopping carts page?
    2. Why am I getting “This transaction amount is too small to be processed and the payment has been cancelled. Your payment was cancelled. You will be redirected momentarily…”?
    3. Why is my account “not able to receive payments”?
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