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Why won’t my browser load when I try to access PayFast?

If you are unable to access the PayFast website, payment engine and merchant dashboard because your browser won’t load the page, it could be that you are using an unsupported browser. Unsupported browsers are older browsers and devices that rely on outdated encryption methods, such as SSL and early TLS (1.0 and 1.1). Since these are no longer considered secure, PayFast disabled support for SSL and early TLS on 30 June 2018. The list of unsupported browsers includes, but is not limited to: Android 4.3 and earlier versions Firefox version 5.0 and earlier versions Internet Explorer 8-10 on Windows 7 and earlier versions Internet Explorer 10 on Win Phone 8.0 Safari 6.0.4/OS X10.8.4 and earlier versions To check whether your browser has the most current implementation of TLS, visit For more information on why we disabled SSL and early TLS see this link. (