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How do I integrate PayFast with Yola?

  1. Log into your PayFast account.
  2. Click on the "generate" button next to "Pay Now Buttons".
  3. Fill in the required fields (item name, price and button type).
  4. Press “Create Button”.
  5. This will generate the html code for the button which you can then copy.
  6. Login into your Yola website and navigate to your website editor.
  7. Left click on the HTML icon and drag it to the middle of your page.
  8. You can now paste your HTML code into the HTML editor on your page and press OK to generate your Pay Now button.
  9. Your Pay Now button should now be displayed on the bottom of your page.
  10. Now press the save button at the top of your screen to save the changes to your site.
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